Our Story

Joanna Stapff, artist + designer of 1609 Design took the leap of uncertainty & risk  to become an entrepreneur and the evolution has been the most rewarding experience. She started in craft fairs while distributing her products in a couple of shops until she was able to find the most charming spot to open 1609 Design down Old Cellar Lane. There she has been creating jewellery and products showcasing her photography of Bermuda. She is constantly expanding the product-line and coming up with new ideas. Her jewellery designs have evolved due to feedback of her loving fans of 1609 Design.  She has gained more than she anticipated opening her own business where she is able to provide something special, to create bonds between girls sharing their love for jewellery and giving a memorable gift, helping them choose a unique piece for an important occasion. She enjoys getting to know my customers and understand their personality and style. Their feedback is like a catalyst in my creative process where she find herself conjuring different designs & aesthetics. 

She believes she has delivered a brand, which represents Bermuda in a fresh angle appealing to our visitors + locals.

Thank-you for visiting us + supporting business in Bermuda.