Chocolate Candle


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Imagine if you could enjoy a chocolate bar without the extra calories. That‘s right – with chocolate bar candle, you can have a piece whenever you like. Looking so real, smelling so amazing – what are you waiting for? Just a head’s up: we don’t recommend actually eating it – (un)fortunately, it’s one of those things that smell better than they taste.

Size: 4” diameter x 2” high. 

Burn time: Approx 30 hours. 

Product Information

Handmade - Every candle is handmade by skilled candle makers in Lithuania. We employ a local small community and pride ourselves on being a top employer in the area.

Food-shaped & scented - That wow moment when you open it. You wish you could eat, but please don't. Indulge in aromas. Don't limit yourself to the kitchen, bring CandleCan into your bedroom or bathroom!

100% vegetable wax - All natural goodness!

  • Dimensions: 4" diameter x 2" high (10 x 5 cm)
  • Burning time: Over 30 hours
  • Materials: 100 % vegetable wax, cotton wicks
  • Scent: Coffee
  • Packaging: Comes in a beautifully designed eco-friendly gift box
  • Handmade in Lithuania
  • Designed by Justinas Bružas