Helias Clary Sage Essential Oil


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Woody, Herbaceous

Increases desire and reduces stress, Clary Sage is the pioneer of passion. Our 100% pure Clary Sage Essential Oil is a deliciously woody, herbaceous and slightly floral oil. This oil is a great natural remedy for anxiety and widely known to heighten sexual desire and boost libido. Clary Sage Oil is nicknamed, “The Woman’s Oil,” due to its many health benefits for women especially relating to menstruation and menopause. Combat menstrual cramps by rubbing 3-5 drops on your abdomen.

We chose our Clary Sage from France because we loved how woody this version was for still being from a flower. We also felt this oil performed best in skin formulations we tested as it felt the most balanced. Clary Sage grows naturally along the Mediterranean in France.

.5 fl oz