Poshi Roasted Red Peppers


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Flame Roasted Red Peppers Ready-To-Eat! Flame Roasted and marinated with premium extra virgin olive oil!

Spend less time cooking and meal prepping. A convenient alternative to century-old jarred red peppers, making them accessible and fun to eat anytime and anywhere.

Our red peppers are shelf-stable, with no need for refrigeration. Store them for up to a year in your pantry!

Experience the convenience, taste, and emotional satisfaction of chef-inspired delicious food while eating "good for you" vegetables.

Great as on-the-go food, a delicious side/topper to your dishes, or a practical, healthy food kit ingredient in preparing your meals. - Just Tear & add, and get creative with your Poshi!

Pro tip: Save the oil for a delicious roasted pepper-flavored extra virgin olive oil!

  • Fully cooked and ready to eat
  • Light, portable, and purpose-packaged for convenience, so you can take your veggies anywhere, whenever, wherever. 
  • Easy storage: Our innovative pouches keep your veggies fresh. - No additives or preservatives.
  • Made with only simple and clean ingredients. Flame-roasted and marinated with premium extra virgin olive oil.
  • Keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, nuts & soy-free.
  • Only 90 calories per pouch.